Fred Pittenger: Rec path would be an asset to entire valley

To the editor:
We just returned from Prince Edward Island, Canada, and were surprised and pleased with how extensive their bike paths are.
It just underscored how lacking we are here and how useful and important it would be to extend the rec path from Fryeburg to North Conway. It would certainly be an asset to the entire Mount Washington Valley.
Fred Pittenger

Laura Slitt: Sun provides persistent moral dichotomy

To the editor:
Lawrence Perry is tooting his own normalized cruelty horn. Has anyone checked the poor dogs? What sport is there in using a pack of dogs and high powered rifles to chase down and kill wild animals who only want to live, and in their own habitats — which we invade and disregard unless we can profit from making box stores?
Thanks to The Conway Daily Sun for providing the persistent moral dichotomy within the pages of the paper on a daily basis. Love and protect some animals while killing others!
Who made these laws anyway?
Laura Slitt

Mark Hounsell: We will see if centrists can get things done

To the editor:
The news that 40 U.S. House Republican and Democratic centrists, known as The Problem Solving Caucus, led by Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) and Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.),  are willing (daring) to take on their party leaders and (dare I say it) actually work together in a bipartisan manner to do something to fix the awful messes resulting from Obamacare is encouraging.
It will be interesting if Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi will allow them to try their hand at a task that party bosses and partisan hacks cannot manage to address.  We will see.
Mark Hounsell

Dick Devens: Supporting noise control for motorcycles

To the editor:
In the warm seasons in New Hampshire, motorcycles make loud farty noises all over the state.
The ones that meet muffler requirements are loud enough that if our cars made that much noise, we'd get pulled over.
The motorcycles without mufflers don't get pulled over enough to make a difference, and some of their operators love strafing towns at sleepy-time hours, and then beat it before the cops come. Other times are often when church and memorial services, weddings and graduations are going on.
On the other extreme, some motorcycles are so quiet that it's hard to hear them coming. Some people think that this is dangerous. I don't.
If people enjoy riding their "bikes" and obey the law, that doesn't bother me. But those who get pleasure making a racket infuriate me. Every year.
If it were put to a vote, a popular vote, I think that most of us would support noise control for motorcycles.
Dick Devens
Center Sandwich