7-26-17 Camping World of Conway holds open house

By Tom Eastman

camping-world-entryCourtney Sparks (left) helps a customer with an entry at Camping World of Conway last Saturday. (TOM EASTMAN PHOTO)CONWAY — Camping World of Conway is one of 30 Camping World outlets in the Northeast that held an online contest this month, "Win an RV Vault Code Sweepstakes."

The online contest ran July 1-22 at all of the dealerships, including at the Center Conway dealership, which held an open house July 22 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

The day included refreshments, ice cream and special sales, along with the chance to win a 2018 Thor Motor Coach Freedom Elite 22FE valued at $81,000 or a cash prize of $6,000, according to local Camping World Internet Sales Manager Courtney Sparks.

The winner, Sparks said, was a customer named Sharon who entered the contest at Camping World's Berkley, Mass., store. For a video of the call placed to her, go to facebook.com/campingworldofberkley.

To enter, participants had to visit www.campingworld.com and sign up for the "Win an RV Vault Code Sweepstakes." They were given a code once they entered their email address and other pertinent information. They were then required to visit one of the dealerships to enter their code, and if the on-screen vault opened, they would be declared the winner.

Others signed up manually at the open house in Center Conway last Saturday.

Wheels: Breakdown

By Eric Meltzer

Getting home in a pinch: The topic comes up usually when a breakdown has occurred or is imminent — an automotive breakdown, not a mental breakdown, although they frequently coincide — and usually when the vehicle and occupants are too far from home to make a convenient retrieval possible.

Camp Huckins going solar in a big way

solar-camp-huckinsThe solar arrays on Camp Huckins' dining hall. (COURTESY PHOTO)FREEDOM — Camp Huckins in Freedom recently installed an impressive solar electric array.

The camp is building momentum in its clean energy transition and can't wait to educate campers on the benefits of using solar energy.

This summer, ReVision Energy installed a solar array on the camp's dining hall. The 42.6-kilowatt rooftop system consists of 142 solar panels, each rated at 300 watts. The grid-tied system also includes three inverters, which convert DC power produced by the array into AC power used by the dining hall.

ReVision, of New Hampshire and Maine, owns the array through a Power Purchase Agreement. The agreement allows Camp Huckins to benefit from clean, solar power at no upfront cost.

The dining hall array will produce approximately 40,720 kilowatt hours of solar electricity each year and will offset approximately 43,326 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, which is equivalent to offsetting emissions from 43 barrels of oil or 2,078 gallons of gas or the carbon sequestered by 18 acres of forests.